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Shot Blasting

Steel For Life

Steel that has been shot-blasted and galvanized at our Joseph Ash Medway plant in Kent

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coatings                           

Before steel or other metals are galvanized they need to be cleaned of rust and other uneven/dirty particles using a process called shot blasting. Shot blasting cleans metal and gives it a smooth surface by firing a high pressure/high speed spray of abrasive materials onto a rough metal surface.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing uses fully approved top of the range heavy duty shot blasting cabinets at our Medway plant, as well as highly skilled shot blasting operators, to shot blast and strip all architectural and structural steel such as gates, fences, vehicle chassis, railings, sculptures, agricultural equipment, steel pipes, bridge components etc.

The shot blasting cabinets allow us to clean large metal surfaces on behalf of metal fabricators from many different industries across the UK. They are also fully approved and meet all COSSH, health and safety and environmental regulations.

With both an automatic loading and shot reclaim system, the process is an incredibly efficient and fast way to remove surface contaminants, without chemically altering a fabrication.

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coatings.

Get in touch with Joseph Ash Galvanizing today for a free shot blasting quotation. We can also provide a galvanizing and powder coating quote too, if necessary.