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Powder coating

A colourful paint alternative for steel

Powder coating is an alternative coating method to traditional liquid paint.

The powder coating process involves spraying the metal surface with a dry powder, which is then cured in an oven to form a tough and durable skin. This curing process provides low maintenance and long lasting corrosion protection for steel.

It’s also the more environmentally friendly option, so you can be sure to meet your sustainability goals.

A wide range of colours and finishes

Powder coating paints come in many different colours and can be used to create different finishes such as textured or metallic.

We can produce any specified colour or texture for any size or type of project you have, whether it’s a raw steel substrate in an interior or a galvanized substrate for an exterior.

Not only are we AkzoNobel approved applicators, but we are also skilled in using all types of powder coat such Tiger, Syntha Pulvin, Axalta and IGP.

Powder coating services

As well as a detailed knowledge of both hot dip galvanizing and powder coatings, we have the rigorously controlled conditions needed to ensure our powder coated finishes surpass today’s benchmarks for quality.

Whether you need to dress a building site in corporate colours, turn functional street furniture into a design feature, fabricate colourful fences and gates for playgrounds, or add some colour to balustrades or staircases, we can help.

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