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Additional services

At Joseph Ash, we want to make our customers’ lives easier. We do this by providing a range of useful additional services which include:

Joseph Ash delivery trucks

Collection and delivery
Wherever you are, or wherever the end destination for your fabrications, Joseph Ash can transport them for you, using our large fleet of specially equipped lorries, including articulated, rigid and Hi-ab craned vehicles.

The ability to collect and deliver steel from you is very important to us as we like to make life as easy as possible for customers.

office worker

Additional paperwork if requested

Joseph Ash Galvanizing can help you keep your records and files in order by providing you with additional copies of paperwork, such as duplicate delivery notes, invoices or certificates of conformity etc. 

Tell us what you need, and we’ll see what we can do.

joseph ash worker labelling steel

Bundling, packing and labelling of all steelwork

Joseph Ash Galvanizing will bundle, pack and label your steel at your request. Let us know what your requirements are, especially if you would like us to deliver your items to the end user or get them ready for export or containerisation.

Certificates of conformity can be issued upon request and all work is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

passivated steel rods

Passivation post galvanizing
After hot dip galvanizing has taken place, items (on request) are passivated to help reduce the effects of wet storage stain and helps cool the materials so they can be handled safely.

Passivation is a chemical process that forms a thin transparent metal oxide coating onto the hot dip galvanized surface.

piles of steel pipes in-store

On-site storage
At our larger plants – for example Chesterfield – we also have plenty of space to house up to 100 trailers. You can also use the space to trial erect fabrications before taking them off-site and delivering them to the end user.

We also provide overnight facilities and changing facilities for truck drivers, as well as an extra crane gantry which gives you the ability to load your own containers.

At some of our plants we also have offices and telecoms available for the use of customers.

Check the availability of facilities at each plant before arriving

joseph ash technical experts

Full technical support
If you have any questions about treating metals or our processes, our Technical Support team is always on hand.

joseph ash service graphic

A one stop shop service 

If you require shot blastinghot dip galvanizing and powder coating for a single project, we can facilitate this at Joseph Ash Medway. We can provide all three services, which means less transport logistics, reduced costs and minimised likelihood of damage between transits. Few steel finishing companies in the UK can offer such a range of flexible and fully linked services.

For further information about any of our additional services, please contact us today on 0121 504 2573. (There may be a charge for some of the extra services and they are also subject to local divisional capabilities.)

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