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Construction and infrastructure

Galvanizing for the construction sector

Galvanizing is invaluable for the construction and infrastructure sector, offering enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, and cost savings. Maintain the lifespan of structural steel and vital building components and ensure they remain fit for use for decades to come.

Galvanized steel

Galvanizing structural steel

A bridge or building that cannot reliably withstand rust can pose a safety risk to those nearby. Extend the lifespan of structural steel with hot dip galvanizing.

Whether it’s beams, columns, or other structural steel components, galvanizing is a trusted way of providing long-term protection against rust and other environmental factors.

Galvanized steel hanging down

Fasteners and fixings

Galvanized bolts in a big pile

Fasteners and fixings are integral to construction projects. Galvanized fasteners resist corrosion, ensuring the safety and stability of structures. However, small metal pieces are too small to fit into a hot dip galvanizing bath directly.

Spin galvanizing is the recommended way of protecting small steel pieces.

Fencing and steel barriers

Fencing and steel barriers are essential for security, safety, and traffic control in construction and infrastructure projects. Galvanizing ensures they remain strong and rust-free under various environmental conditions.

Galvanized motorway barriers

Galvanizing for street furniture

Corroded street furniture can give public towns and cities a bad image, so it’s best to maintain steel street furniture. Protect outdoor structures and objects, such as benches, lamp posts, and railings, with hot dip galvanizing. Keep public spaces looking well-kept and modern.

Galvanized signpost panel at Folkestone Warren

Case study: Folkestone Warren

Hot dip galvanizing and powder coating were used to coat signpost panels at Folkestone Warren nature reserve – designed and fabricated by BH Engineering Ltd in close collaboration with Kirk Alexander of White Cliff Countryside Partnership.

Powder coating used alongside galvanizing increased the corrosion resistance of the panels, and continues to protect them come rain or shine.

Paint alternatives for construction

Hot dip galvanizing is excellent for structural steel, but the longevity of steel can be enhanced further with powder coating – the best alternative to paint. Bring buildings and infrastructure to life with a wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

Powder coating services are available in-house at our Medway site, or through an external contractor at Bridgend, Corby, and Hull.

Case study: Medway Crematorium

Clay Architecture in Gravesend was chosen by Medway Council to redesign and rebuild part of Medway Crematorium in Chatham, in order to house new fuel efficient cremation ovens.

As part of the project, Clay Architecture asked Hellings Fabrications Ltd to build a two tonne window screen, which Hellings then asked Joseph Ash Medway to hot dip galvanize and powder coat the screen.

Powder coated and galvanized steel frames outside of Medway Crematorium

Structural steel galvanizing near me

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