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Joseph Ash Galvanizing Videos

Please find below a range of videos to help you prepare your steel for hot dip galvanizing, understand more about Joseph Ash Galvanizing, and see examples of our work and processes.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing bath sizes

With a range of different bath sizes across our nine different plants, no matter how large or small your steel fabrication, we can help.

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Added value services

We go the extra mile for our customers, providing a multitude of additional services. We’re the right company to make your life easier – we make galvanizing easy.

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The galvanizing process

A video by the Galvanizers Association. It shows the galvanizing process from degreasing, rinsing, the chemical clean, further rinsing, flux, drying, galvanizing, to quenching.

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Coating formation in galvanizing

This video – produced by the Galvanizers Association – shows the coating formation that occurs during the galvanization of steel.

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Tom Hill horse sculpture being lifted from our Corby plant (Premier Galvanizing) bath

Our Corby plant  recently galvanised these stunning horses, fabricated by sculptor Tom Hill. They looked stunning as they emerged from the bath. The horses will be installed at the Injured Jockey Centre at Newmarket.

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