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Galvanizing bath dipping size

No matter how large your fabrication is, we can help. We have a range of galvanizing bath sizes to suit the smallest or largest of jobs.

Our Telford bath is the widest in the UK, and our Chesterfield bath is among the longest. No matter the fabrication, we can dip it and protect it from corrosion.

Bath Size

Dipping size

Maximum weight

The spin galvanizing process at Telford can accommodate components that are up to 250mm diameter x 500mm long

The bath sizes listed above are actual dimensions ,however, some plants may be able to process larger items through ‘double dipping’

If a fabrication is close to more than one of the dimensional limits, consult with one of our galvanizers, as design guidance will be required

All plants offer collection and delivery services and many can provide additional facilities including storage, bundling and packing, export containerisation and delivery to UK sites

For further information, please contact one of the above plants.

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