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Technical expertise

As a commitment to customer service Joseph Ash provides you with access to a Technical Support Department. Staffed full time by qualified personnel who have a wealth of experience in the galvanizing industry, the department is always available to discuss your technical and/or quality requirements and queries, particularly with regards to design for hot dip galvanizing, venting, and the steel chemistry and grade necessary to give optimum finish quality. 

The Technical Support Department have access to a technical library and a large database of hot dip galvanizing information, much of which can be made available to you. 

They are also available to answer your queries after hot dip galvanizing has been completed and when necessary will attend meetings, carry out site inspections and provide detailed advice.

If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about metal finishing processes, as well as how to prepare and treat your metal projects before delivering them to a galvanizing plant, click on the links below or contact our Technical Support Team.

Other Information

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