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Sculptures and art

You’ve spent lots of time and care fabricating your steel sculpture, so ensure it lasts a lifetime with hot dip galvanizing. Protect sculptures against corrosion and preserve the beauty of your work.

A galvanized sculpture

Increase your sculpture’s lifespan

Galvanized fairy sculpture

While galvanizing is often thought to be only for industrial steel, it is ideal to use for sculptures to extend their lifespan. Galvanizing protects sculptures against corrosion, including corrosion from bad weather. Your sculpture is protected, even if it’s displayed outside.

Improved aesthetic for sculptures

Galvanizing isn’t just for corrosion resistance. Hot dip galvanizing provide a smooth, shiny finish for steel. If you want your steel sculpture looking like new, then hot dip galvanizing is an ideal choice.

Case study: Marischal Square, Aberdeen

The development partners for Marischal Square, a mixed-use district in Aberdeen, commissioned Andy Scott to make a centrepiece for the buildings.

Inspired by the leopard symbols on Aberdeen City Council’s historic coat of arms, the sculpture features a “Poised” leopard in the centre of the district, bringing the culture of Aberdeen into the heart of the square.

Galvanized leopard by Andy Scott

Paint alternatives for sculptures

Powder coated steel fabrications hanging from hooks

When you want to bring your sculpture to life with colour, powder coating is the best paint alternative for sculptures – chip-resistant for an extended lifespan. Powder coating is also more weather-proof than paint; your sculptures can be displayed outside without worrying about corrosion from rain.

Powder coating services are available in-house at our Medway site, or through an external contractor at Bridgend, Corby, and Hull.

Case study: Lutman Aero Works Spitfire

To celebrate the engineering and success of the Spitfire used in WWII, and to commemorate RAF airmen and a grandfather’s legacy, Lutman Aero Works began to fabricate custom Lutman Spitfire MK XII’s as sculptural steel commissions. Joseph Ash Galvanizing was proud to galvanize one of these commissions.

Galvanized spitfire plane

Display steel sculptures outside safely

Hot dip galvanizing increases protection against corrosion, even from the weather. Safely display your work of art outside in the knowledge it won’t rust in the rain for many years to come.

Case study: Young V&A Museum

Young V&A logo sculpture

Picture courtesy of Factory Settings Ltd

Young V&A museum’s grand opening day was fast approaching, and fabricator Factory Settings needed a reliable galvanizing company that offered a fast turnaround time to galvanize letter frames in the shape of V&A’s logo.

Galvanizing increased the steel’s durability and gave it a shiny, clean finish, as well as increasing its corrosion-resistance to protect it come rain or shine.

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