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Hot dip galvanizing

A coating that lasts up to 100 years

Hot dip galvanizing, which we often shorten to “galvanizing”, is a steel coating method that protects steel against corrosion. It has been used worldwide for well over a century because it is low maintenance and can last a lifetime.

Galvanizing steel creates a durable finish that protects against corrosion for much longer than coating alternatives such as paint.

The benefits of galvanizing

The purpose of hot dip galvanizing is to protect your steel against corrosion. Reducing corrosion rates on your steel fabrications means:

✔️Less time spent on regularly maintaining your steel, saving you time that can be spent doing other tasks
✔️Less need to create replacement fabrications, saving money on material costs – galvanizing has a cheap lifetime cost compared to alternatives
✔️Corrosion-resistance means fabrications remain safe to use – in particular for structural steel, load-bearing fabrications, or other fabrications that rely on structural integrity
✔️Both the process and the by-product of galvanizing (the galvanized steel) fit into a circular economy – vital for ensuring we all do our bit to protect the planet.

Galvanizing services near you

With the widest range of bath sizes of any UK galvanizer, we can galvanize everything you fabricate. We work with companies across a wide range of sectors to help them with their specific corrosion protection requirements.

Our dedicated and expert workforce, and large and modern HGV fleet provide you with the highest standards of quality and service available.

All galvanizing services at our sites adhere to BS EN ISO 1461 and BS EN ISO 9000 quality assurance specifications.

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