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A one stop shop for steel protection

Joseph Ash Medway is a one stop shop for steel fabricators and end clients looking to protect their steel against corrosion. But what exactly does this mean, and what are the benefits of a one stop shop steel protection provider?

What is a one stop shop?

A one stop shop is simply another way of saying something is under one roof. The place is your “one stop” for everything you need. It’s a term most commonly used in retail, but it can also apply for service providers too.

In the steel protection industry, a one stop shop service provider is one that can cover all stages of the steel protection process. This includes any pre- and post-treatment, as well as the primary protection method of choice.

What’s included?

Joseph Ash Medway offers a one stop shop service, including shot blasting, hot dip galvanizing, and powder coating. These can be broken down as follows:

Shot blasting (pre-treatment)

Before any type of metal is galvanized, it needs to be cleaned of rust and uneven particles. One of the most effective ways to do this is with shot blasting.

This process strips off the steel of any existing rust on the surface of the steel and prepares it for coating. In doing so, it enhances the quality of the subsequent galvanizing process by allowing the zinc to properly coat the steel.

It’s important that steel is galvanized shortly after shot blasting to avoid corrosion.

Hot dip galvanizing

Galvanizing is the best method of protecting steel against corrosion. In regular circumstances, it protects metal from rusting for multiple decades.

There are many benefits to hot dip galvanizing steel. The enhanced corrosion protection means you save money and time maintaining or re-fabricating the steel, and you can be assured that the steel will remain safe to use.

The process is also sustainable and fits into a circular economy.

Powder coating

Powder coating is an alternative to liquid paint that lasts longer, dries quicker, and is more environmentally friendly.

Joseph Ash Medway is an approved supplier for a wide range of powder coat colours, including from reputable suppliers such as AkzoNobel, Tiger, and more.

Even if you don’t want a colourful finish, there are plenty of more natural colours to choose from, so you can still reap the benefits of extended corrosion protection.

Benefits of a one stop shop service

Peace of mind

Save the stress of arranging for timeslots and deliveries between multiple companies. By choosing one company for all of your needs, you can be sure to receive the same level of quality and service throughout the whole process and only need to make one enquiry for all your needs.

You can also be sure to receive the same high level of quality throughout all stages of the process.


If you’ve decided that you want to maximise your steel’s level of corrosion protection, it makes sense to have all the work done in one place. There are less costs associated with transport between different companies as everything is done by the same company.

Galvanizing and powder coating as services are also more cost-effective than alternatives, proving cheaper in the long term. They help extend the lifespan of steel, so over time, you spend less money on recoating and refabrication. When you opt for a duplex coating (a combination of galvanizing and powder coating), this lifespan is extended even further, saving you even more money over time.

Turnaround times

Steel can corrode rapidly once moisture has accumulated on it, so it could only be a matter of days before your fabrication is irreparable.

With a one stop shop service, there is less time spend transporting steel between different companies, meaning your work could be back with you before you know it. This is especially true as galvanizing has an instant drying time, and powder coating takes only a few hours thanks to the baking process.

Environmentally friendly

A one stop shop is the sustainable choice thanks to reduced CO² emissions associated with transport.

Additionally, galvanizing and powder coating are both environmentally friendly processes. Hot dip galvanizing fits into a circular economy, and at Joseph Ash, we have modernised our plants to capture and minimise waste emissions. Powder coating is also more sustainable than paint because there is less material waste involved.

Most importantly, the process reduces the speed of corrosion, meaning there is less waste involved with steel refabrication.

One stop shop at Joseph Ash Medway

Joseph Ash Medway has been granted approved galvanizer status by AkzoNobel for one-stop-shop services. We are also among only a handful of companies to be approved AkzoNobel and IGP paint applicator, and are the only one to be based in the South East.

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