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Hot dip galvanizing for trailers

Why galvanizing is better than paint for coating trailers

When it comes to protecting metal structures such as trailers, paint has been a popular choice of coating. However, hot dip galvanizing offers numerous benefits that make it the preferred method of protection over painting. We explore the benefits of hot dip galvanizing and why it’s the best method of protection for trailers.

A person with a Joseph Ash Galvanizing truck

Galvanizing provides superior corrosion resistance

One of the primary benefits of hot dip galvanizing is its unmatched corrosion resistance. The process involves immersing a metal structure, such as a trailer, into a bath of molten zinc. Zinc is highly resistant to corrosion and forms a sacrificial layer, meaning it corrodes before the underlying steel. In contrast, paint does not provide sacrificial protection, meaning that once the paint is damaged, the steel beneath is vulnerable to corrosion.

Trailers need to be robust to endure long journeys and harsh weather conditions, making corrosion resistance especially important. The superior corrosion resistance of galvanizing ensures customers can have peace of mind when taking their trailer out on the road. You save money on repairs and spend less time on maintenance. You will also benefit from fewer warranty claims from customers with damaged trailers.

Galvanized trailers are stronger

Hot dip galvanizing creates a metallurgically bonded coating that is seamless, strong, and abrasion-resistant. This durability ensures that the trailer remains protected from damage caused by rough handling, heavy loads, and constant movement. This saves both time and money on maintenance, and the trailers are more reliable with transporting heavier items.

Galvanizing is better for the environment

In today’s world, environmental considerations are more important than ever, especially for businesses. Customers are voting with their wallets and choosing companies that align with their views.

Hot dip galvanizing is an environmentally friendly process that aligns with sustainable practices and fits into a circular economy. The zinc used in the galvanizing process is natural and abundant, and the process doesn’t use any more zinc than is needed. Zinc is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for trailer protection.

By choosing an environmentally friendly coating method, you stand out from your competitors, ultimately increasing revenue and customer retention. You also reduce your overall carbon footprint associated with trailer production and disposal, as trailers will be used for longer.

A trailer chassis being hot dip galvanized

Galvanizing removes human error

The hot dip galvanizing process requires submersion into a zinc bath, allowing the zinc to flow freely over all areas of the metal. This provides complete coverage and uniform protection to the entire surfaces, internal and external, of the trailer, including the corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas.

In contrast, paint requires the user to coat the metal themselves. This leaves room for human error as you cannot guarantee that all areas will be sufficiently coated. This leaves your trailer unprotected and vulnerable to corrosion.

Galvanizing provides instant results

Hot dip galvanizing does not require any drying time, unlike paint. This means trailers can be put into use immediately following coating. This provides customers with a faster turnaround time and reduces the downtime of their trailers.

What if I want a coloured finish?

A key reason why people choose paint for their trailers is because of the aesthetic appeal. Hot dip galvanizing by itself leaves a shiny silver finish, which may not be as appealing to some people. However, it’s possible to have a coloured finish without compromising on quality.

Powder coating is a type of finish that can be applied post-galvanizing, bringing the visual appeal of paint while retaining the strength of galvanizing. As the name suggests, this coating method uses powder instead of paint, bringing its own list of benefits. Powder coating is recommended for galvanized steel as it provides an even coating, lasts longer, and is quicker to apply than paint.

Compared to painted trailers, hot dip galvanized trailers offer superior protection against corrosion, are more durable and long-lasting, require minimal maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. Companies offering galvanized trailers can expect lower maintenance costs, faster turnaround times for customers, fewer warranty claims, and less downtime, increasing ROI and customer retention.

At Joseph Ash Galvanizing, we offer both hot dip galvanizing and powder coating services for trailers. Find your nearest plant or contact us for more information.

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