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Fencing for a football facility

Name of fabricator: CLD Fencing Systems and Wallbank Fencing
Galvanized by: Joseph Ash Bilston
End client: Abu Dhabi Sport’s Council
Finish provided: Hot dip galvanizing
Size and amount of steel: 25 tonne

Project goals
A new facility opened in Abu Dhabi to provide world class football training for aspiring players. Different types of bespoke fencing for eight five-a-side pitches was required for the new state-of-the-art football facility. The fencing requirements were as follows:

  • They needed to be adaptable, strong and robust
  • Have the ability to separate the eight pitches and prevent balls entering play in other pitches.
  • Integral goal mouths to help reduce space in the complex.
  • Able to withstand the harsh environment of weather in such a hot location.

What happened
As the largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates in the UK, CLD Fencing Systems, was called in for the project.

They manufactured fences ranging from:

  • Dulok Sports: a double wire fencing system with twin 8mm horizontal wires offering a strong fencing panel to prevent damage from impact.
  • Ball Stop Netting: which provides a low-cost solution to pitch demarcation that can be used to heights of 8m.
  • Lockmaster Swing Gates: offering a secure entry and exit system to each pitch.

To protect the fences from the harsh environmental conditions, CLD Fencing Systems asked Joseph Ash Galvanizing to provide them with a hot dip galvanized finish.

Wallbank Fencing project managed the job on-site in Abu Dhabi.

Materials and size
The project involved 25 tonnes of steel.

Stewart Plant, Director of Marketing from CLD Fencing said: “As the fences would end up over 5,000 kilometres away, there was no room for manufacturing error. The project had to be perfect first time. We chose Joseph Ash Galvanizing to protect the steel because we knew they would be a reliable partner and deliver a first-class service.”

Rob Nelson, Divisional Manager at Joseph Ash Bilston said: “As a UK company, we’re regularly galvanising steel for motorways, infrastructure, railways, and buildings up and down the country and it’s great to see our work as we travel. It’s exciting to work on projects that also end up in distant locations too however, so it was great to assist CLD Fencing Systems on this job.”

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