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Rhino enclosure, Folly Farm

Hot dip galvanized by: Joseph Ash Bridgend and Joseph Ash Telford
Fabricator: Folly Farm
End client: Folly Farm
Finish provided: Hot dip galvanizing
Size and amount of steel: 14 tonnes

Project goals
In 2015 Folly Farm in Wales welcomed two very rare black rhinos to its family of animals. To provide a home for the rhinos, the farm needed a new bespoke indoor facility. A building – now called the Kifaru Reserve – was constructed. It features separate interlinking rooms for the rhinos, who are quite solitary creatures.

What happened
Folly Farm fabricated the steel frames for the rhino home themselves at their in-house fabrication unit. Joseph Ash Galvanizing was tasked with the job of hot dip galvanizing the steel frames.

As the local plant to Folly Farm, Joseph Ash Bridgend collected all the steel (14 tonnes worth) and galvanized the smaller pieces. Joseph Ash Telford then collected the steel from Bridgend before dipping the larger pieces into their larger galvanizing bath.

Once this process was complete, the steel was delivered back to Wales, where the Joseph Ash Bridgend team placed everything onto Joseph Ash Galvanizing trucks and drove it back to Folly Farm.

Folly Farm chose to contract the work to Joseph Ash Galvanizing because we provide such a flexible service that not only gets the job done to a premium quality, but also takes all the hassle out of transport and supplier logistics.

Hot dip galvanizing improves the appearance, as well as protects and prolongs the life of steel, so we hope the rhinos will enjoy their new surroundings for many years.

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