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20 year’s service for a member of Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Matthew Hodges celebrates two decades at Joseph Ash Medway

Matthew Hodges joined Joseph Ash Medway (then called Medway Galvanising Company) in March 1996, after starting his working career as an Import and Export Clerk at Ramsgate Harbour and holding various positions selling advertising space for trade magazines. When he switched to galvanizing he joined as a Telephone Sales Executive and remained in the post for four years.

From 2000 – 2004 Matthew became the Galvanizing Manager at Joseph Ash Medway, and then moved to Powder Coating Manager in 2004. Matthew has also held the post of Operations Manager at the plant for a period for three years, and now heads up the sales team as the Sales Manager.

After 20 years at Joseph Ash Medway, it’s fair to say that Matthew knows his way around the plant having held management positions in various key departments! He also knows a lot of the customers very well.

He considers his key specialisms at Joseph Ash Medway to be promoting powder coating and galvanizing, and he has enjoyed working with the people around him.

When we asked Matthew what the most unusual item was that he has ever seen galvanized at Joseph Ash Medway, he said “a gorilla made from wire which was 5ft high and 3ft wide”! 

Congratulations for 20 year’s service Matthew. We think you’re still young enough for another 20 years here!

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