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A bird’s eye view of Joseph Ash Bilston

It’s always good to get a different perspective, and that’s just what happened when we were presented with some drone photos of our plant at Bilston. The photos were provided by Iain Smith from Berry Systems (one of our Hill & Smith sister companies).

  • The team at Bilston are very proud of their plant, including how neat, tidy and organised it looks! Here’s some other reasons why they are proud:
  • The Bilston plant has the deepest bath in the country. Dipping to 3.6m the team can vertically accommodate a lot of work which may be sloped or a double dipped elsewhere. 
  • Bilston is one of the few plants in the UK with a semi automated system, allowing technology to pickle your work. This means turnaround times are super quick.
  • Bilston has an enclosed acid house. This means that the emissions from the chemical cleaning process are captured, cleaned and then released to the atmosphere as clean air. 
  • The plant is categorised as low risk by the Local Authority, making the plant the UK’s most environmentally friendly Galvanizer.
Joseph Ash Bilston Drone View

(Photos courtesy of Iain Smith at Berry Systems.)

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