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All hail Queen Aethelflaed

On June 12, 918, Aethelflaed ‘Lady of the Mercians’ (and daughter of Alfred the Great) took her last breath in Tamworth – the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mercia. To mark the 1,100 anniversary of her death, a number of events will soon take place in Tamworth, including the unveiling of this magnificent steel sculpture by artist Luke Perry. You can read more about these events here.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing was privileged to be asked to galvanize the stunning work of art, which stands six metres tall and took 20 people and nine cranes to manage through the galvanizing process. We now look forward to seeing its full unveiling on the Offa Drive/Saxon Drive roundabout outside Tamworth Railway Station towards the end of May!

Mick Jackson, IT and Marketing Manager at Joseph Ash Galvanizing said: “It’s always an honour to be able to process and galvanize impressive works of art such as this and this is certainly one of the largest we have galvanized. We appreciate that the sculptor will have put hours and hours of work into their art, so when it comes to us, it’s imperative that we do the artist justice and provide the best quality galvanized finish. We’re looking forward to seeing the statue unveiled in Tamworth.”

Here are some photos of Aethelflaed, before and after the galvanizing process at Joseph Ash Telford. You can also see more photos on our Flickr and Facebook profiles, as well as some videos of the sculpture being galvanised on our YouTube channel.

Visit our website again towards the end of the month where we’ll post more photos of Queen Aethelflaed once she has been secured in her permanent home. We’ll also post more details throughout the month on our social media channels.



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