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Appreciation for years of service


Appreciation for years of service

The start of Autumn has seen a string of anniversaries for various team members at Joseph Ash Galvanizing, with three of our colleagues celebrating long-time service ranging from 20-35 years.

The three team members are Stuart Cobourne, Peter Ore and Darren Sweet.

Stuart Cobourne

Stuart works as the Divisional Manager in our Joseph Ash Telford plant and has clocked up an amazing 20 years’ service with the company.

He joined the Joseph Ash Technical Department in 1998 and trained as a Metallurgist, after which he held the role of Technical Manager. With a view to moving into line management, he took a year’s secondment as a Works Manager at Joseph Ash Hereford, whilst also completing an MBA at Worcester University, and in 2013 he assumed the position of Joseph Ash Telford Divisional Manager.

During the last 20 years, Stuart has also served as the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Galvanizers Association and was heavily involved in a joint project with the BCSA to produce industry guidance on CE marking, as well as the development of a range of national and international standards.

Stuart’s technical competence has enabled Joseph Ash Telford to become universally recognised for having the best galvanizing quality in the UK.

Peter Ore

In 1988 Peter joined Joseph Ash at the Bridgend plant, as a Potman. 30 years later and we’re proud to say that he’s still with the company. He has been a hard-working and loyal employee who has witnessed a lot of changes as the company has grown. He is a valued member of the team.

Darren Sweet

Darren joined the Joseph Ash Telford plant in 1983, the year when the pound coin was introduced, the compact disc was first marketed in Britain, James Dyson launched his first prototype vacuum cleaner and the Space Shuttle Challenger had its maiden launch. 35 years later and we’re pleased to say that Darren is still a valued member of our team. He is hard-working, honest and loyal, always working to and excelling in his role as Shift Supervisor.

Congratulations on reaching these milestones Stuart, Peter and Darren. Major achievements!

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