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Bilston plant plays host to local students

A few weeks before Christmas our Joseph Ash Bilston plant played host to a group of six students – aged 17 and 18 – from a local technical college, the Ormiston SWB Academy.

As students at the Academy are currently learning about metal surface finishes, including hot dip galvanizing, Daniel Brittle (the Director of D&T at the school) requested the visit, knowing it would be beneficial for them to see some of the treatments in action. We couldn’t agree more!

On December 13, the students and teacher visited us and were shown around the plant by Rob Nelson (Divisional Manager). They were able to see the galvanizing process in action and hear about some of the procedures we go through to ensure a good, clean finish for steel. Rob also explained the importance of health and safety at galvanizing plants because of the heavy machinery and lifting equipment, as well as the molten hot zinc used to galvanize the steel.

After the visit Daniel Brittle commented: “It was fantastic to see the plant in action, specifically the processes you go through and the types of products you galvanize. The students gained a great deal from the visit.”

Rob Nelson said “It was enjoyable showing the students around the plant. Galvanizing is used to protect steel for street lights to motorway barriers, bridges to railway infrastructure, flooring to fencing, and buildings to agricultural structures, so it’s great to highlight its importance and show the types of steel products we treat. We were also pleased to help the students increase their knowledge by turning the things they might read about in textbooks to reality.”

Ormiston SWB Academy: thank you for visiting us. It was a pleasure!

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