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B.U.D.I.E.S. training for good mental health

B.U.D.I.E.S training

Millions of people every day face the reality of living with a mental health illness – an illness that others may not see, know about or understand. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, depression or low moods, to illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar or Alzheimer’s, these conditions can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life.

At Joseph Ash Galvanizing we believe we have a duty of care and a moral obligation to our employees to help them have good mental health, especially as the workplace – regardless of industry or type – can sometimes be a place of additional stress or anxiety.

The Mental Health Foundation says: “We believe in workplaces where everyone can thrive. We also believe in the role of employers, employees and businesses in creating thriving communities.”

We believe in this too, and it’s why we have recently engaged in B.U.D.I.E.S training for good mental health.

The Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. virtual classroom is a one-hour programme to initiate mental health support in the workplace. The virtual classroom course is helping to give our staff the listening skills and B.U.D.I.E.S. framework to support their colleagues throughout the year.

The B.U.D.I.E.S framework focuses on:

B – Build a helping relationship
U – Understand 
D – Determine if your colleague is in crisis
I – Inform about self-help
E – Encourage professional help
S – Safety at all times

The course stresses the importance of listening skills and how to deal with a crisis. It also encourages people to have ‘Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S.’ at work – someone to talk to if you’re in need of a friendly ear.

Before COVID, we were due to complete some Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training courses, but as these were going to be face-to-face, we’re pleased to have found an alternative in the B.U.D.I.E.S. virtual classroom.

A number of our team have already taken the B.U.D.I.E.S. training, and we have two more sessions scheduled for this week.

Later this year, we will complete the MHFA training and we’ll also provide colleagues with full contact details for support including:

  • Their local BUDIE (telephone, email, Whatsapp)
  • Contact details for our Employee Assistance Programme
  • Local support networks

The Mental Health Foundation says: “Mental health is something we all have. When we enjoy good mental health, we have a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to do the things we want to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that happen in our lives.”

At Joseph Ash Galvanizing we aim to promote good mental health, and foster purpose, direction and the ability to successfully navigate through life.

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