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Chesterfield takes it to another level

Joseph Ash Chesterfield completes the galvanization of a second storey Mercedes Car Park in Stevenage.

Working in partnership with Topdeck Parking – a trading division of Joseph Ash Galvanizing’s parent company Hill & Smith PLC – Joseph Ash Chesterfield has successfully galvanized over 400 tonnes of steelwork for Topdeck’s first second storey extension to an existing car park. (Which doubles the existing storage space.)

About Topdeck Parking

Topdeck specialise in quick build assembly for their clients, which maximises the use of valuable car parking space. This contract was the first second storey extension that they had undertaken after the initial car park was designed, built and installed by Topdeck several years ago. To date they have built several high-profile parking facilities for customers who consider the time taken to install these car parks to be their highest priority, as valuable customers and revenue can be lost during extended build times.

The second storey extension

The project involved galvanizing very long 16m beams and wide plate flooring, and Joseph Ash Galvanizing’s Chesterfield plant was chosen as the perfect location, as the plant can handle the largest of projects.

Joseph Ash Chesterfield is also unique in being able to offer both an assembly and trial erection facility, which reduces major transport costs and secondary storage costs at another location before installation.

The galvanization of the beams and plate flooring took four weeks, although most of the work was completed within the first 48 hours of arriving at Chesterfield. Topdeck then assembled all the long beams and plate flooring in the covered facility at the Chesterfield plant, which includes heat, light, power and a crane to assist in the assembly and movement of the large completed units.

Once assembly was complete, the 16m long by 2.4m wide units were coated and treated to the customer’s exact expectations. This ensured no wet trades were needed on site, and all the work could be carried out within the ideal conditions for painting.

Martin Hall, Joseph Ash Chesterfield’s Commercial Manager, stated “Having worked with Topdeck and Berry Systems previously we knew the exacting requirements that would be required of our plant, to complete the project to the end client’s satisfaction. Joseph Ash Chesterfield is unique in not only being able to dip the longer length 16m beams, but we also have the added benefit of large undercover assembly areas and storage facilities. This enabled Topdeck to install the project in a greatly reduced timescale as opposed to a traditional build scheme. The modular build carpark concept has proved very popular and hopefully at Chesterfield we will be in an excellent position to assist Topdeck on future ventures, after receiving high praise from the Topdeck team for our outstanding efforts.”

For more information about Topdeck, please contact Iain Smith on 01902 491100.

For more information about galvanizing large projects, such as carparks, please contact Joseph Ash Chesterfield on 01246 854650.

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