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Commemorating military and civilian service men and women with stunning galvanised poppies

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council, based in Telford, are very active each year in commemorating local residents who have contributed as military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. A great example of this includes placing 200 poppies on lampposts across the Parish every year.

A recent – and perhaps grander – project to remember the sacrifices, includes a permanent structure for the area: stunning hot dipped galvanized steel poppies, a memorial and a roll of honour. The installation was a vision of the Parish Council for about 3-4 years, and recently Art.Fabrications – with some help from Joseph Ash Walsall – made it possible.

Art.Fabrications is a specialist fabricator and installer of metal sculpture and artwork. Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, it was the perfect company for the project as its team members are able to spend time understanding the original concept and idea and produce a piece of art or sculpture that authentically captures the original vision.

After being let down by a number of other companies, members of Lawley and Overdale Parish Council met with Art.Fabrications, commissioned the project and the team got to work.

Art.Fabrications made the main structure for the poppies from sheet mild steel, which was zinc sprayed and painted. The actual poppies themselves – weighing 90kgs – which run-up one side and onto the top of the structure were fabricated and then sent to Joseph Ash Walsall for galvanizing.

Mick Jackson from Joseph Ash Galvanizing said: “We have worked with Art.Fabrications on a number of projects over the years, galvanising their steelwork to ensure a good quality finish and protection from the elements which would otherwise lead to corrosion and rust if left untreated. We were thrilled to galvanise the stunning poppies for Lawley and Overdale Parish Council, at our Walsall plant. Our treatment should ensure the local residents can enjoy the poppies for many years to come.”

Andy Langley from Art.Fabrications said: “We love listening to someone’s vision about an art installation, understanding their reasons behind the project, and then taking it on and getting to work. We were very happy to fabricate such an important piece of work for Lawley and Overdale Parish Council, partly because they’d had the vision for a good few years, but also because it’s so important to commemorate our servicemen and women. We hope it is a structure that will provide comfort to people in the local community who have lost someone in the two Great Wars or more recent conflicts.”

The hot dipped galvanized poppies will be a key focus for this year’s Remembrance events in September.

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