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Design right for galvanizing

Look out for our new ‘Design for Galvanizing Guide’ and handy hints and tips in our upcoming newsletters.

As galvanizers, there are many hints and tips that we regularly share with fabricators, in order for hot dip galvanized steel to achieve the best quality zinc coating. For example, when we galvanize steel on behalf of our customers, it is important that the molten zinc can flow freely over all surfaces, external and internal, and sufficient vent and drain holes are included in the fabrication design. 

This information is very useful when designing steel for galvanizing, and will ultimately save time and money in the fabricating and galvanizing process. As such, we’ll soon be launching some handy hints and tips in forthcoming newsletters, and a ‘Design for Galvanizing’ guide. Please look out for these!

We want the guide to be as useful as possible, so if you have any questions about steel design and the hot dip galvanizing process, please contact our¬†Technical Support Team¬†today. Not only will the team respond to your query, but we’ll also include your question and answer in the new guide.

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