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Design right for galvanizing

Design for galvanizing is important. Watch our latest Joseph Ash Galvanizing film to find out why.

We’re pleased to announce that Joseph Ash Galvanizing has just launched a new film. The video is titled ‘Design for Galvanizing’ and its aim is to help fabricators follow valuable advice for designing and fabricating steel, which will eventually result in a premium hot dip galvanized quality.

The film is centred around the idea that poor fabrication design will result in:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Poor coating quality
  • Additional costs
  • Low production
  • Failure to meet delivery dates.

Whereas excellent fabrication design will:

  • Prevent health and safety accidents
  • Lower costs
  • Improve production rates
  • Ensure the fabricator receives galvanized steel with a premium quality galvanized finish.

The importance of ensuring steelwork is suitably designed for hot dip galvanizing is an integral part of the galvanizing process. The team at Joseph Ash Galvanizing would love to work with you at the design stage to avoid any issues that can occur because of poor design.

Watch the video for some handy hints and tips about venting. We’d also be happy to visit your fabrication shop and advise on venting requirements. We also offer personalised ‘design for galvanizing’ workshops, which we can carry out at your place of work.

Help us to help you achieve a quality hot dip galvanizing coating. 

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