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Exciting developments at Medway

Changes have been afoot at Joseph Ash Medway in recent months, with both building works and ‘green’ initiatives taking place.

Building works

Not only have we started the build on a new office block for our administrative and sales teams, but we have also incorporated new changing facilities for our operations team, and a new hardstanding bay for trucks.

The new office block will enable the administrative/sales teams to work in a new temperature controlled modern environment in order to improve their working lives. The offices will also enable us to have somewhere suitable to meet and greet any visitors to the Medway plant.

The operations teams have not been left out as we’ve also built new changing rooms so that the teams have somewhere to store their belongings whilst working in the plant, as well as somewhere to get cleaned up after a hard day’s work operating the heavy-duty galvanizing, shot blasting and powder coating equipment.

Finally, we have also built a new hardstanding area for vehicles wishing to load and unload steel fabrications, which has the added benefit of making access to the plant, and parking, easier.

We haven’t stopped there though…

‘Green’ interceptors

Joseph Ash Galvanizing is environmentally aware and employees try hard to minimise damage to the environment as a result of plant activities. In recent years our ‘green’ initiatives at Joseph Ash Medway alone have included improvements to energy management systems, the installation of zinc reclamation facilities, new and improved gas burners for the powder coating oven, and the replacement of motors for the bagging plant and extraction facility resulting in a 21% saving in electricity.

As a company we are constantly trying to improve our environmental credentials and we do not like to stand still, so we have also recently installed new interceptors into the new hardstanding bay.

Interceptors act as a filtration system to prevent oils and other vehicular contaminants (from the trailers and trucks using the hardstanding area) from entering the storm water drainage system on site:

  • The new drainage system on the the yard will collect all the rainwater that falls on the area and run it through a 20m x 10m attenuation (filtration) system which removes any heavy solid particulates.
  • The filtered water will then flow into the new interceptor (designed in accordance with BS EN 858-1) where any oil or petrol will be separated out.
  • From here the remaining water will flow into the main foul water system, which incorporates another interceptor before the water leaves the site.

All good ‘green’ fun!

If you would like to visit us at Joseph Ash Medway, to meet the team, see the plant in action, and see the new building works, please get in touch.

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