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The importance of galvanizing for M&E supports

Lucy Foster-Bowen from Joseph Ash Bilston explains why in a podcast hosted by MIDFIX.

For products and solutions supporting mechanical and electrical services, the finish of the supports matter. Galvanizing is important as it plays a primary role in the protection of steel supports. Lucy Foster-Bowen from Joseph Ash Galvanizing explains why when she was invited to take part in a podcast hosted by MIDFIX. 

Lucy covers topics such as:

  • What is galvanizing?
  • The history of galvanizing?
  • The process of galvanizing steel
  • The life expectancy of a product with galvanized steel
  • Venting and drainage
  • A pre-galvanized finish
  • The environmental impacts of galvanizing
  • How galvanizing impacts M&E supports.

Watch the podcast here. It was a great session!

Thanks for inviting us MIDFIX!

(MIDFIX are experts in onsite and offsite supports for the mechanical and electrical industries, delivered through design, engineering, fabrication and industry training.)

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