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Growth plans for Joseph Ash Walsall

Initiatives to benefit customers and employees alike.

Joseph Ash Walsall is being extended as part of some redevelopment plans to add extra services for customers, escalate work capacity, improve the working environment for employees, and increase health and safety at the plant.

Extra services for customers…

As part of the extension plans, Joseph Ash Walsall will increase its factory floor space by a huge 25%. Not only will this enable the plant to further automate the crane system in order to increase work capacity and weekly output, but it will also allow the team to carry out additional post-galvanizing processes for customers. These extra processes include special packing (which is often required), and additional fettling for powder coated materials. The extra floor space will also allow for additional storage of customer orders.

A better environment for employees…

Excellent customer service and quality of finish is at the core of everything we do at Joseph Ash Galvanizing. In order to provide a great service however, it’s also important to look after the people who work at our company. With this in mind we have started to improve the working environment at the Walsall plant by adding extra office space, a new canteen, and new changing rooms for team members working the factory floor.

Health and safety initiatives…

The health and safety of our team members is just as vital as providing a great working environment, so as well as building extra space for additional customer services, we have also created a much larger floor space within the factory to permit the use of fixed jig stands. Fixed jig stands are important as they will prevent the need for Joseph Ash team members to work underneath the jigs suspended by the crane.

As the work on the Walsall plant progresses we’ll keep you updated.

If you would like to visit the plant and see it in action at any point, please contact Joseph Ash Walsall.

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