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Joseph Ash Walsall has a yard makeover

To the external eye these photos may simply look like a vast expanse of concrete… To us however, they’re a thing of beauty as they represent a safer, more comfortable loading and unloading environment for our team members and customers. Welcome to the new yard at Joseph Ash Walsall!

2018 was an extremely busy year for Joseph Ash Walsall, and the yard was beginning to look tired, in poor condition, with pot holes appearing at regular intervals. With concerns that the holes were going to be a safety hazard we decided to use the excellent services of TG Beighton to re-concrete the 1,000 Squares metres of yard.

TG Beighton are external contractors, based in Chesterfield, who previously worked on our plant extension, and we knew they’d have the skills, experience and safety standards to provide a quality service, whilst being able to stick to a very tight deadline of just three weeks.

Three weeks in and the project was a success, and we now have more space in the yard, as well as a safer environment.

Investment in our Joseph Ash plants is crucial to maintaining our position as a leader in the UK galvanizing industry, so the replacement of the concrete was a good chance to improve other aspects of the Walsall plant at the same time:

  • We also installed improved lighting around the yard, as well as new crash barriers and fencing throughout the perimeter for added security and protection.
  • We added a new drainage system to prevent standing water, and improved drainage in and around the area, with a chamber being installed around the yard for underground electrical cables.

Finally, with the addition of a new galvanizing bath in late 2018 too, we have a plant we can feel very proud of.

With the first quarter of 2019 well underway, the investment we’ve made has allowed us to work even safer than before, allowing safe access and egress from the area at all times. Our employees and customers also benefit from the extra safety and security when either working on or visiting the plant. We also believe we have increased the capacity of this site which is also beneficial for storing fabrications and completing even more work in 2019.

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