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Leicester City FC, trophies

… and Gary Lineker’s underwear!

What have Gary Lineker’s underwear, 15 trophies, and a sheet metal fabricator in Loughborough got in common?

2016 has seen some unprecedented activity regarding Leicester City Football Club: The Club itself won the Premier League beating odds of 5000-1 at the beginning of the season; Platinum Steelworks was asked to fabricate 15 3ft high replica trophies; and Gary Lineker presented Match of the Day in his underwear. As Lineker’s underwear has been covered enough (or maybe not…) in this past year, you’ll be thankful to know this article is going to talk about the trophies!

When Leicester City FC won the Premier League earlier this year almost 240,000 fans took to the streets of Leicester City, to celebrate the win. Fans were joyous because this wasn’t just the first time in history that the Club had won the League, but also the first time in a decade that the Club had even played in this League.

Around about this time, some fans based in Loughborough, who were so impressed with the win, decided to commission a local steel fabricator to make replica trophies of the Premier League Cup. Standard sized trophies would not be good enough however: The fans wanted 3ft high and 2ft wide Cups, and 15 of them! Platinum Steelworks was chosen for the work.

Platinum Steelworks is a Sheet Metal Contractor based in Loughborough. Run by Gurnam Singh the company usually fabricates barriers and gates, staircases and balustrades, and structural metal fabrications for buildings. The trophies were an unusual request, but Platinum Steelworks was up for the challenge.

As the trophies were made from steel, and steel needs to be protected from the environment with a galvanized coating, Premier Galvanizing Hull (a division of Joseph Ash Galvanizing) was also hired by Platinum Steelworks, and pulled onto the project.

Premier Galvanizing Hull have supplied Platinum Steelworks with galvanizing services for over 14 years.

A number of trophies have so far been fabricated and hot dip galvanized by Platinum Steelworks and Premier Galvanizing. And some Leicester City fans who have received them, have placed them in their gardens for passers-by to see.

Here are some photos of the trophies, as well as the galvanizing team at Premier Galvanizing.

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