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‘Never Alone’ by Rupert Till

A stunning sculpture of a horse and hare, hot dip galvanized at Joseph Ash Walsall.

A few years ago, sculptural artist Rupert Till sketched out a drawing for a sculpture of a horse and a hare. He added it to his to-do list as something to create one day. Lockdown provided the perfect opportunity, and ‘Never Alone’ was created. Joseph Ash Walsall was happy to galvanize it for him.

Rupert Till is one of the leading contemporary sculptors in the UK. He uses bronze, steel and copper to create stunning works of art depicting nature. Not only have the sculptures been featured in a number of galleries across the UK, but Rupert has also exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show every year for the past 25+ years.

The inspiration behind ‘Never Alone’

As a country boy at heart, Rupert has always had a love for animals, with his own horses acting as life models for many of his sculptures. A few years ago, he had an accident at work when installing a sculpture, and whilst he recovered, he continuously drew small hares. These drawings inspired him to combine both animals – horse and hare – into one piece of art. The result was a charming sculpture called ‘Never Alone’.

Protection for metal sculptures

Because Rupert’s sculptures are made from intertwined metal, they are often hot dip galvanized as a form of protection.

Hot dip galvanizing is important because it provides a long-life, low-maintenance corrosion protection which safeguards steel from atmospheric attack.

A valued customer

Rupert has been sending his works to Joseph Ash Walsall for years. Sometimes sending in 5-10 sculptures at a time, and averaging about 40+ large sculptures each year (alongside smaller ones too). As well as galvanizing ‘Never Alone’ earlier this year, in May, the team at Walsall also hot dip galvanized nine sheep, some hens, three horse heads and a pair of boxing hares for Rupert. The menagerie of steel animals made an amusing sight at the plant!

Rupert said: “I think the team at Joseph Ash Walsall look forward to a challenge when receiving my sculptures. And they respect my knowledge of galvanizing, as it’s a service that I’ve needed for over 30 years. I would like to thank everyone at Walsall for treating my art over the last 10 years!”

Find out more about Rupert

Rupert lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and three children, in a stone house with converted stables where he has set up his studio. You can read more about him (and see more of his work) on his website. You can also read more in an interesting article written in Homes & Gardens by Emma Page in 2019. Rupert exhibited ‘Never Alone’ at the Josie Eastwood Gallery in Hampshire and it was sold at preview to a well-known garden designer. In 2021 Rupert plans to recreate it and showcase it at the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show. He then wants to auction it to raise funds for a mental health charity.

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