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New Galvanizers Association website launched

The Galvanizers Association has a new website!

Over the last few months the Galvanizers Association has been working hard to launch a new and improved website. We’ve been looking forward to seeing the results, and we’re pleased to announce that it has now been launched!

The new website is unique as it features an innovative new corrosion map which provides data for the atmospheric corrosion rate of hot dip galvanizing across the UK. Users simply need to search for a location and hover over the map to see the corrosion rate for the particular area. The map legend can be used to find the average life of an 85 ┬Ám coating within the area.

The new website also provides a photographic illustration of change in surface features over time for bare steel and hot dip galvanizing.

Visitors to the site can also expect to see many of the interesting features listed on the old Galvanizers Association website, for example:

The website has also conveniently been divided into sections for architects, engineers, contractors and clients.

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