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‘Our Promises’ launch

Joseph Ash launches a set of ‘Promises’ to customers and colleagues alike.

In 2015 Joseph Ash Galvanizing identified that we wanted to improve and establish a culture that would separate us from our competitors. It was agreed that we would create a set of values that would define how we want to operate as an organisation. We took the opportunity to engage and speak to as many people as possible because we felt that we needed to know what everyone thought was important to them whilst they were at work.  

This approach has been truly worthwhile and we identified that we want Joseph Ash Galvanizing to: 

  • Be recognised by all our people as a great, safe place to work. Create an environment where all employees are respected and well informed. Develop teams where everyone naturally gives 100%. Deliver a culture that helps people reach their full potential as individuals, and develop a secure, fulfilling career.
  • Be recognised as providers of the best quality galvanizing in the UK, and have a reputation as good people to deal with.
  • Be universally regarded as the most professional, decent and honest galvanizer in the UK.
  • Be the most efficient galvanizer in the UK, in terms of human effort, materials and energy.
  • Be able to hold our heads high in terms of our integrity, respect for the law, our impact on the environment, and our contribution to society.
  • Be proud of our contribution to the built environment by protecting and enhancing steelwork for a hundred years.

We launched “Our Promises” at the end of January. This is our commitment to be the best and lists the different types of behaviour (values) we expect everyone at Joseph Ash Galvanizing to adopt and work towards. The Promises have been created from the feedback received which has been split into four key components. These are:

  • Our Customers
  • Our People
  • Our Excellence
  • Our Security

A small booklet has been produced which explains the ideology behind each component. The booklet has been issued to each member of staff.

This is just the beginning; we will be communicating these principles regularly and at every opportunity to ensure that these become a part of what we do every day.

As customers of Joseph Ash Galvanizing we hope you like our approach.

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