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Plant focus: Spotlight on Widnes

Widnes Galvanising

As we approach the end of the year, we’re shining a spotlight on our final plant for 2023. This month, our focus turns to the Joseph Ash plant in Widnes – Widnes Galvanising. A pivotal location among our nine plants strategically positioned across the UK. We provide insights into our services, cutting-edge facilities, and dedicated team members who tirelessly cater to our valued customers.

Location and history

Widnes Galvanising is situated on the Fairway Trading Park in Cheshire. It services clients from various areas, including (but not limited to) Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside.

Widnes has a rich industrial history, and galvanizing has played a significant role in the region’s development.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Widnes was a major centre for the chemical industry, particularly the production of alkalis, such as soda ash and soap. The development of the chemical industry led to increased demand for materials and applications (including construction, transportation, and agriculture) that could withstand corrosion, and galvanized steel emerged as a popular choice for this purpose.

Widnes also became known for its expertise in the production of galvanizing equipment. Companies in the area manufactured machinery for galvanizing processes, contributing to the overall industrial infrastructure of the region.

Over time, as industries evolved and the demand for galvanized products persisted, the galvanizing sector in Widnes and Cheshire continued to thrive. Today, the historical legacy of galvanizing is part of the broader industrial heritage of Widnes and its surroundings.

A broad spectrum of services at Widnes Galvanising

At Widnes Galvanising, our expert team specialises in galvanizing a diverse range of steel products. From structural steel to street furniture, bollards, gates, railings, and balustrades – we ensure robust protection against corrosion for all.

But that’s not all. As part of the extensive services offered by Widnes, we go beyond traditional galvanizing. Our capabilities extend to powder coating, duplex coating, and spin galvanizing, leveraging the collaborative strength of the wider Joseph Ash Group.

We also take pride in delivering convenience with our comprehensive additional services, including a seamless collection and delivery service, full technical support, on-site storage facilities, and passivation post-hot dip galvanizing. Widnes Galvanising is not just a provider; we are your trusted partner in preserving the longevity and durability of your steel assets.

Bath size

The bath size at Widnes Galvanising is 6m x 1m x 2.3m, and the team can dip up to 2 tonnes. Bigger fabrications can be transported to other Joseph Ash plants with larger capacity baths, using Widnes’s fleet of trucks.


At Widnes, we recognise the importance of meeting tight deadlines. To support our customers, we extend our opening hours for drop-offs and collections. Our commitment to your convenience goes further with quick turnaround times – including overnight and within 24 hours – available by prior arrangement.

Uncompromising quality and compliance

Widnes Galvanising is dedicated to delivering services of the highest quality while adhering to stringent occupational health and safety, quality, and environmental management standards. You can expect an impeccable finish that aligns with BS EN ISO 1461 specifications when you protect your steel with us.

Meet the dedicated team at Widnes Galvanising

Our Widnes plant is powered by a dynamic team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals, each playing a vital role in our operations. From the expertise of our shop floor personnel to the precision of our transport and truck drivers, the diligence of our health and safety experts, and the efficiency of our administrative team – every member contributes to the seamless functioning of Widnes Galvanising.

Your questions, our answers

At Widnes Galvanising, we are committed to transparency and communication. Our team is always ready to assist with queries about galvanizing, shot blasting, or powder coating. Contact us today and let us be your trusted partner in addressing all your steel treatment needs.

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