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Reflecting on the past at Joseph Ash Bilston

At the beginning of the month, Lucy Foster-Bowen, Commercial Manager at Joseph Ash Bilston, showed Dr Greig Campbell around the plant. Greig is a Bilston born historian whose PhD focused on the campaign to save Bilston Steelworks in the late 1970s. The steelworks was located on the site of Joseph Ash Bilston and produced more than 275,000t of metal per year in its heyday. 

Working together, Bilston and Greig plan to build a permanent exhibition of the site which will incorporate the past, the present and the future of Joseph Ash Bilston. Watch this space for more information! In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the old steelworks, there are a few websites you can look at:

Bilston Iron and Steelworks – A Retrospective

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