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‘Reinventing the Steel’ with Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Have you read this month’s HSE International Magazine? Take a look, as it’s a good read! We are particularly fond of this month’s issue as there is an eight page article all about Joseph Ash Galvanizing called ‘Reinventing the Steel’.

You can read the article here.

Sarah Lawton, from the magazine, interviewed Stuart Whitehouse, who is the Health, Safety and Human Resources Manager at Joseph Ash Galvanizing.

Sarah wanted to find out how modern galvanizing plants have incorporated sustainability into operations and Stuart spoke about recycling, regeneration, wastewater, energy efficiency and energy management. He also spoke to Sarah about burner efficency, bath lid efficiency, controlling plant emissions and reusing waste heat to warm pre-treatment tanks.

Stuart is very proud of the company’s long-term success, and its excellent health and safety, and environmental standards. The article states that:

“The company works hard to enhance galvanizing’s contribution to society and to ensure that the services it provides are in harmony with the natural environment, now and in the future. Operating within a framework of a self-imposed Environmental Management System based on internationally recognised standards, a set of firm sustainability principles guides all company activities. [Joseph Ash] is fully committed to the Energy Policy and Energy Management System.”

The article also features some beautiful photos of steel, and the hot dip galvanizing process, at Joseph Ash Galvanizing plants.

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