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Steel walkway amid the treetops of Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens in South West London has an international reputation as the centre for botanical research, as well as having an unequalled reference collection about all types of flora and fauna. With over 300 acres of land, beauty is as far as the eye can see, and none more so than from the Treetop Walkway, hot dip galvanized by Joseph Ash Galvanizing in 2008.

The Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens was a new attraction which opened on International Biodiversity Day in 2008. At 18 metres high and over 200 meters long, visitors to the park can walk amongst the treetops of sweet chesnut, lime and oak trees. The Walkway is accessible via a lift or 118 steps and not only provides great vistas across the park and through the trees, but allows people to experience nature amongst the tree tops.

As Joseph Ash Galvanizing was given the responsibility in 2008 for protecting the walkways on the steel structure with a galvanized finish, we decided to take advantage of the Summer weather a few weeks ago in order to revisit the structure.

Take a look!

The Treetop Walkway was designed by Marks Barfield Architects, who contracted Britland (based in Dover) to manufacture and install the metalwork for the structure. Britland then engaged Joseph Ash Galvanizing as a specialist sub-contractor to treat the steel with a hot dip galvanized finish that blends well with the environment and will be maintenance-free for 60 years.

In 2008, Bob Ockendon from Britland commented: “The structure itself is unusual in the fact it is formed from ‘weathering steel’ which is only available in sheet form which then had to be fabricated to make the various members. It is intended to weather to blend in with the environment, but Joseph Ash Galvanizing treated and coated all the grilles and side panels to protect them while matching the surroundings. We decided to go to Joseph Ash Galvanizing because of the service the company offers and the standard of work they have done for us in the past.”

Eight years later, we are happy to report that the Treetop Walkway is proving a popular attraction with many people enjoying the views and traversing the platforms amongst the trees. The structure looks just as amazing today as it did in 2008, and the steel has weathered well and looks stunning set into the nature of the Gardens.

No doubt we’ll head back for another visit to Kew Gardens and the Treetop Walkway at some point in the future. If you’re looking for a great out out this Summer, we recommend you visit the attraction too.

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