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The eagle has landed

The employees at Joseph Ash Galvanizing are lucky to be able to galvanize all different shapes and sizes of steel, which ultimately form parts of bridges, buildings, railways and fencing. Every so often however, the plants receive requests to treat steel for unusual objects or sculptures. This happened recently at our Bridgend plant when the team there was asked to galvanize an eagle with a 12ft wingspan!

Anthony ‘Fred’ Peacock of Marche Studios in Shropshire fabricated the eagle. Anthony manufactures sculptures from metal and has become well known for producing art in the form of dragons and aliens.

Anthony fabricated the steel for Steve Waite, of Johnston, Pembrokeshire, as Steve has a love of eagles. Steve wanted this sculpture to be at his home and the eagle now resides on a fallen tree made from four inch steel pipework, which spans 30 feet across Steve’s driveway on the entrance to his garage.

Galvanized steel sculpture of an eagle

The tree that the eagle is perched upon was designed and fabricated by Steve and P.G.S. Fabrications in Johnston. Joseph Ash Galvanizing galvanized both the eagle and the branch.

Steve said: “The eagle is a sacred symbol for me and Native Americans, and I have lots of eagles at my home. I see this particular eagle as my totem. It also attracts lots of attention. My home is located across the road from an industrial site and many people stop to look at it and take pictures.”

Steve added: “I would like to say that all the staff at Joseph Ash Galvanizing handled my work in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the result.”

Elvira Brocher at Joseph Ash Galvanizing Bridgend commented: “It’s very interesting to see the amazing pieces of art that are sculpted by metal fabricators, that come through the yards at our plants. The shapes are definitely not as straightforward as the pieces of steel we general dip into our galvanizing baths – flooring, guardrails, fencing etc – however we love a challenge! We also love to see the finished products once they have been installed at their future homes, and because of this we’d like to thank Steve for sending us some photos of the finished eagle guarding his driveway!”

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