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Galvanizing for agricultural steel

The importance of galvanizing for protecting steel against corrosion

Corrosive chemicals are prevalent in the agricultural industry. Without sufficient precautions in place, rapid deterioration of steel is inevitable. Even the weather can cause metal farm gates and buildings to collect moisture, speeding up the rate of corrosion.

Galvanizing helps protect essential equipment and structures from corrosion, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. As a result, you reduce your downtime and save money on repairs.

Farm buildings after hot dip galvanising

Superior corrosion protection

Agricultural steel that is left outside is vulnerable to corrosion, as heavy rain can cause a build-up of moisture which speeds up the corrosion process. This includes your fencing, farm gates, and steel frame buildings.

Bad weather conditions aren’t the only enemy of agricultural steel. Chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers, and cleaning chemicals around animal pens and equipment can also cause steel to corrode. The prevalence of chemicals in the agricultural and horticultural sector makes steel protection especially important.

Some of the consequences of corrosion include:

  • Reduced material thickness, causing vital structures to disintegrate or collapse
  • Contamination to food and water contained in corroded containers and silos
  • Damage to equipment, potentially making it unusable
  • Reduced visual appearance of steel frame buildings, gates and pens

The rate of corrosion can be reduced with hot dip galvanizing. For small metal pieces such as fasteners and fixings, spin galvanizing can be used. Both steel protection services increase the lifespan of steel and protect it against atmospheric attack.

Large steel capacity

A lot of agricultural steel equipment is large and heavy, meaning that manual methods of coating steel, such as paint, are time-consuming and physically taxing. The hot dip galvanizing process is a tested and trusted method to coat your steel, and your local galvanizing company takes care of the work so you don’t have to.

Steel pen that has been hot dip galvanized by Joseph Ash Galvanizing for Folly Farm

Improve your sustainability

Many agricultural companies are looking to move towards sustainable agriculture practices. While initial priorities may be on improving the sustainability of direct farming processes, this can be extended to using sustainable materials, too. Both galvanized steel and the zinc it is dipped in during the galvanizing process are 100% recyclable.

By choosing galvanized steel, you can contribute to a circular economy and support a more sustainable future. It’s also a great reason to use steel over timber for your structures, reducing the number of trees cut down.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing actively supports sustainable practices with our environmentally friendly galvanizing processes. We also have ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing helps the agricultural industry

By choosing galvanized steel for your agricultural equipment, you keep your steel durable and reduce downtime and costs in the process.

Don’t just take our word for it – see how we have helped agricultural companies below.

Galvanized pig lift for Gandalf and friends

We galvanized a pig lift for Beneath the Wood Sanctuary after they rescued 53 pigs from horrifying conditions at an illegal slaughterhouse in Pembrokeshire. Designeering, designer and fabricator of the innovative pig lift, created the lift for the sanctuary so their overgrown hooves could have a much-needed trim.

Pigs really can fly after all!

Galvanized rhino enclosure for Folly Farm

In 2015 Folly Farm in Wales welcomed two very rare black rhinos to its family of animals, but needed a bespoke indoor facility that could separate and home the solitary animals. A building – now called the Kifaru Reserve – was constructed, providing durable corrosion resistance for the enclosures of these magnificent creatures.

Ready to galvanize? Get a quote from your nearest galvanizing plant today and find out how we can help you protect your steel.

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