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Secure your security fencing with hot dip galvanizing

Your security fencing is the main barrier for your company or property, so you don’t want to compromise on its quality. Improving the durability and strength of your metal fences with hot dip galvanizing ensures your property remains safe and retains its visual appeal.

Timber or metal fencing?

While larger-scale companies already implement high-end steel fences, smaller-scale companies are more likely to feel content with timber fencing. While initial costs may be cheaper for timber fencing, you compromise on durability and security. Steel fencing is cheaper in the long term as it won’t need replacing as frequently. Steel fencing is also safer for your property as it is less likely to be damaged by vandals or wear down from the environment.

Benefits of galvanizing steel fencing

You may believe that steel fencing doesn’t need additional care once it has been set up. Although steel is more durable than timber, raw steel fencing is vulnerable to corrosion. Therefore, a steel coating method such as hot dip galvanizing protects your steel fencing and improves its durability.

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Railings and fences are exposed to the elements, such as heavy rain. Galvanizing provides a durable and long-lasting coating that protects the metal from the corrosive effects of rust, increasing the steel fencing lifespan.
  2. Low Maintenance: Galvanized railings and fences require minimal maintenance compared to their ungalvanized counterparts. The galvanized coating provides a protective layer that only needs cleaning occasionally to keep it looking as good as new. This saves you time and money on future maintenance treatments. You also maintain your company image as your fencing won’t visually be seen as in a permanent state of poor condition.
  3. Cost-Effective: The upfront cost of galvanizing is offset by the long-term savings in maintenance and replacement costs.
  4. Sustainability: Galvanizing is an environmentally sustainable choice. The zinc coating used in galvanizing is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option for the industry. Joseph Ash Galvanizing cares about the environment and ensures the galvanizing process fits into a circular economy.

Painting galvanized fences

A lot of fencing companies paint their metal fences to provide a surface-level protection. Paint also adds a splash of colour to fences, increasing their visual appeal. However, paint is not an ideal coating choice to use on metal.

While it’s possible to paint over galvanized metal, powder coating has numerous benefits compared to paint. Powder coating and paint are very similar surface coating methods, but powder coating ensures your metal fences are more durable and cost-effective. When galvanizing and powder coating are used on the same steel fence, this is known as a duplex coating. We’ve listed some of the benefits of duplex coatings here.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing has over 160 years of hot dip galvanizing expertise. We have numerous case studies from customers in the fence, gate and railings companies. Joseph Ash Medway is also the proud developer of the Mono Hinge range of safety gates – the perfect safety gate to accompany small-scale fencing.

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