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Oscars Evening for colleague acting talent

We were proud to hold our own Oscars Awards Evening to celebrate the colleagues who played a role in helping create new internal Joseph Ash video content. The videos were created as part of a new induction process, to help introduce new starters to the company.

The evening served as a thank you to those who were closely involved in the making and filming of the videos. Their input was recognised and celebrated, with four people winning awards based on Joseph Ash Galvanizing’s values – Respect and Decency, Team Spirit, Learning and Improvement, and Taking Responsibility. Awards were presented by Stuart Whitehouse, Managing Director.

The winners were:

Respect and Decency: Osmond Crosdale

Osmond pulled together a meaningful summary of what he felt Respect and Decency looks like in Joseph Ash and went on camera to talk about this in the film. He also had his own “mic drop” moment with the final line of his summary:

“So if you have respect and you’re decent, welcome to Joseph Ash, we need you”.

Team Spirit: Estera Bak

Estera helped massively in ensuring that the Health and Safety element of our Induction video was accurate and covered everything we needed. She then travelled over from Telford to Walsall for just 15 minutes of filming for the Respect and Decency section of the video.

Learning and Improvement: Prakash Patel

Prakash was asked to do some acting during a segment of one of the films. He displayed perseverance despite needing a few takes, and progressively got more comfortable with the role. He won the Learning and Improvement award for his development and dedication during the filming process.

Taking Responsibility: Mick Barber

Mick was fundamental to the creation of the four films. He took it on his shoulders to advise technically and operationally; to cajole colleagues into acting; to get them to move products backwards and forwards on fork lifts; to stop the jig and move it back if the shot hadn’t gone right. Mick assumed responsibility from the start and demonstrated the kind of leadership that should stand as a model for our business.

Congratulations to those who won an award, and thank you to everybody involved in the creation of the videos!

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