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Galvsafe Zinc Spray

Steel For Life

Galvanizing Zinc Repair Spray by Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Galvanizing repair spray

Despite its inherent toughness and abrasion resistance, hot-dipped galvanized coatings can still get damaged or need repair after on-site alteration*. To provide further metal protection for steel parts that are altered or damaged after galvanization, Joseph Ash Galvanizing sells an own-brand galvanizing zinc repair spray called Galvsafe. Galvsafe can simply be sprayed onto fabrications from about 12 inches away, as long as the surface of those fabrications have been cleaned to remove wax, dirt, polish or grease etc.

Galvsafe was developed by Joseph Ash Galvanizing in response to many customers asking for an alternative spray to the branded products that are currently available on the market.

Galvsafe has the following important features:

  • High zinc content which contains 88% zinc in the dry film. (Zinc dust content conforms with BS EN ISO 3549)
  • Great colour match with most galvanized coatings
  • Good adhesion
  • Safe for over painting
  • Safe for use on products due to be powder coated after galvanizing as Galvsafe contains high temperature resins.

Would you like to try Galvsafe? If so please email David Kimberley with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Quantity required
  • Delivery Address
  • Order number

The prices are as follows and we can arrange prompt delivery:

  • £60.90 per box of 6
  • £109.80 per box of 12
  • £313.20 per box of 36

(The price includes delivery. VAT will be added at the normal rate.)

*Repairs where the galvanized coating has been completely removed will require repair using high build zinc paste prior to application of any repair spray.